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News | November 2020

SeaVees Holiday Gifting Special

“Google, play ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey…”

There’s a chill in the air, the sun is setting by 5PM and our sights are set on the holidays which means, yes, we might have already started playing our favorite holiday-themed playlists. That also means that the inundation of Black Friday sales and the stress of holiday gifting is hot on our heels. 

At SeaVees, we know that when it comes to gift-giving, sneakers can be a tricky option. Even if you know your friend, partner, colleague, etc. super well, we often don’t get into foot detail. What size shoe are they? Do they have wider than average feet? Maybe their feet are narrow? Do they prefer men’s slip-ons or women’s lace-ups? Despite our collection of comfortable, casual sneakers for men and women, it can often feel hard to navigate. 

We bring you a few well-timed solutions, just before the Black Friday craziness really sets in; solutions that will not only ensure that your loved ones receive something they actually want, but also that they receive it in time for the holidays. 

Solution one is only available for a limited time. Right now, when you spend over $100 we are gifting you a FREE $25 gift card. If you spend $250 or more, we’re dropping a FREE $50 gift card in your cart. For a limited time, we’re helping you stock up on gift cards so that, on the off chance you’re at a loss when it comes to determining your loved ones, your colleagues, or even your mailman’s shoe size, you can send one of these their way. 

The solutions don’t stop there. Here’s how we’d recommend figuring out your loved-ones perfect sneaker size:


“Hey, what’s your shoe size?”
Pro: Guaranteed to get you the answer you need. 
Con: Undeniable risk of ruining the surprise. 


“If you were a shoe, what size would you be?”
Pro: Have over a 50% chance of success.
Con: May be at risk of receiving an overly philosophized answer. 


“Hey, I’m taking an online statistics course and I just started a project on average shoe size. What size do you wear?”
Pro: Sounds like a fun project. 
Con: May require fabricated evidence of enrollment. 

Like we said, if none of the above works, we are running our FREE $25 giftcard with $100 purchase, or FREE $50 giftcard with $200 purchase promotion throughout the month of November. 

We’ve also got a whole lot of regular gift cards for that shoe lover in your life if you want to go the old fashioned route. Click here to check those out

Nothing pairs quite as well with playing holiday music before Thanksgiving as a new, crisp pair of SeaVees. Good luck and happy shopping this season! May the odds be ever in your favor this as we all head into Black Friday/Cyber Monday battle.


Published: Nov 10, 2020

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