A transition in Tokyo.

Posted by Aanarav Sareen on

I was headed to Tokyo and a friend of a friend asked if I’d carry a few of his beanies and deliver to a prospective distributor. Beanies can be tough. Even the name. Once called stocking hats, watch caps, knit caps – not sure when or why “beanie” was considered a good idea. Beyond the name, they can be too thick, too hot, too short to roll, too long when you don’t want to roll… Issues like these leave me grabbing for my snapback most every time.

Tokyo was much cooler than I had anticipated. Early spring can go either way and I had been careless to not check the weather before packing. I was headed out to the streets for the day and bringing a beanie along became a necessity. Dramatic temperature changes were the norm as I shopped boutiques, met with fabric suppliers, conversed with buyers. From the sunny side of one street to walking in the shadows on the next. Chilly above ground temps giving way to heated temps in the underground train stations.

In no time at all the American Trench beanie became a trusted travel companion. Thin enough to fold and carry in your back pocket. Keeps you warm when needed but never overheats. Worn folded or tucked, I find it has the perfect fit.

So the distributor in Japan received one less beanie than he expected. But I scored a new favorite. Get your Transitional Beanie in our Goods section.

Here’s a few favorite pics from my trip.