Holy Mozes.

Posted by Aanarav Sareen on

I posted in this space back in May about my accidental discovery of a new band just signed to LA’s Burger Records. Mozes and the Firstborn hail from Holland and released their debut album in February. Several of us in the office took to their sound, bought their music and awaited the announcement of their tour schedule hoping they’d play nearby. Somewhere along the way the group’s drummer Raven Aartsen and I befriended each other on Instagram, keeping up with the other’s happenings and whereabouts. Well, the guys finally arrived in the US this past weekend for a hectic 30-shows-in-31-days tour. It started in Los Angeles on Sunday and ends up in Austin, Texas. Team SeaVees showed up in LA to support the band. The following day – as they travelled from Los Angeles to San Francisco – they returned the favor by stopping by the SeaVees office for awhile. It was great having the guys here and getting them in some fresh pairs of SeaVees for the rest of their tour. Check them out on Instagram at @ravenaartsen.