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When it comes to business travel, I am a case study creature of habit. While in a foreign land I take great comfort in the familiar, so once I find something I like, I return time and again. With that being said, I’ve been in a rut for quite some time with Shanghai hotels. The once proud JC Mandarin lost its luster a decade ago. The Hyatt is too far from the city center and too many tourists invade to ride the elevator to the top for the city’s best view (especially now with the World Expo being held through October). I tried the Four Seasons last time. Nice, but we just didn’t connect. It felt like someone else’s brand. In a pinch and at a loss, I went to an old standby for guidance: Tablet Hotels.com. They pride themselves on being the go-to site for the discerning global nomad seeking shelter. At least a dozen times for me in my cluelessness, from Berlin to Tokyo, they have delivered. Tonight, my last night of a long development trip, I write this from the JIA Shanghai. Recommended by trusty Tablet, it did not disappoint. I have already decided to return. Here’s to a new habit.

Planning a journey? Check out the good people at Tablet here http://www.tablethotels.com/

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