kerouac’s town.

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Happy Would-Be 90th Birthday to John L. Kerouac on March 12.

In anticipation of the big day, I dug out Barry Gifford’s Kerouac’s Town from a box in the garage. Buried in the yellowing pages I found some notes I left in the book from a visit I made to Lowell, MA back in the early 90s with my college roommate Feng. We went in search of Kerouac’s grave to pay our respects to the man who had fueled our nomadic spirits. I had long forgotten we had to stop at the cemetery office and ask directions to Jack’s plot. Here’s a shot of the directions to the grave from the office manager and a photocopy of the site information they kept in the office. Looking through the book for the first time in forever I was surprised to see it was published in the hometown of SeaVees – Santa Barbara, CA.

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