not your father’s npr.

Posted by Aanarav Sareen on

In an age that finds most traditional media fighting to retain its relevance, it is refreshing to see the esteemed National Public Radio re-invent itself. Your dad’s source for world news since 1970 has increasingly become known as a serious source for breaking new music on-line. They stream new albums from the most buzzed-about artists in their entirety well before release dates. They send a team to SXSW annually, providing exclusive interviews with the latest bands and live concert feeds from the hottest venues.

We recently discovered the addictive new LCD Soundsystem’s This Is Happening via NPR Music’s First Listen. This Synth-Pop meets Berlin-era Bowie became the soundtrack to the summer in our office.

Bookmark and tell dad his most trusted name in news is back on point, reaching a new generation of listeners.

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