robin lee graham.

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In the summer of 1965, at the age of sixteen, Robin Lee Graham set out from the port of Los Angeles on his 24-foot sloop Dove. In 1970, after almost five years, he sailed back into his home port to successfully complete the youngest solo circumnavigation. His extraordinary adventure captured the attention and spirit of a generation. It was documented in the pages of National Geographic magazine and later in his best-selling book Dove. (There was even a Gregory Peck-produced movie made in 1974, the third and final feature film he would produce).

We were inspired enough by Graham’s voyage to design a shoe in his honor (check out our new 08/65 Boating Moccasin), and recently got our hands on an old paperback copy of Dove. The book is made up of journal entries and words spoken into an on-board tape recorder. Here are some of our favorite parts that reveal Graham’s transformation from boy to man. more.

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