Yosemite: The Crown Jewel.

Posted by Aanarav Sareen on

The latest addition to our curated California Goods Collection is our favorite sunset blanket, made by our friends at Pendleton. It’s a tribute to Yosemite – the crown jewel of America’s National Parks.

California’s clear blue sky sets the backdrop for the blanket’s vivid colors, honoring America’s oldest national park, first set aside as a protected wilderness in 1864 by President Abraham Lincoln.

The National Parks began in the American West, when awestruck visitors brought back tales of California’s towering redwoods, waterfalls, granite peaks, and pristine lakes. Montana and Wyoming had jagged mountain ranges, glaciers, and a mysterious valley of steam geysers. These wonders of the wilderness fired the American imagination. President Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant in 1864, protecting 750,000 acres of California wilderness. President Grant signed the Act of March 1,1872, preserving two million acres as Yellowstone National Park. 

Pendleton salutes the members of the National Park Service for the years of work preserving America’s treasures. Find the Yosemite sunset blanket in our Goods Collection, along with other select items that we feel embody California and Cool.