You said it.

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Not to brag, but…..

“First off, you are the best shoe company ever. Favorite shoes I’ve ever had, I wear a pair six days of the week. I own ten pairs of Seavees, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.” – Chase A.

“I am a shoe and sneaker snob and those shoes are all I can wear. The silhouette is too damn perfect.” – Dave G.

“I love your brand. I live in your shoes. keep doing what you are doing.” – Mark M.

“These are my 4th pair. You guys are the bomb.” Dan C.

“I don’t usually email shoe companies but for you i’ll make an exception. Thank you for making such a wonderful shoe! I have worn my Navy Tennis Shoes for almost 2 years now and they haven’t broke down on me yet! Sure, i got a hole but i patched it up and is just as comfortable. One more thing, every time i take off the shoes i feel like Mr. Rogers at the beginning of his show so thank you for the design as well! I’m sure he would wear your Tennis Shoes too! Thank you again and once i save up some i will buy another pair!” – Andrew V.

“My third pair of Seavees – love these shoes!” – David W.

“Full disclosure …big fan of the brand ! 3 eye chukka is my steady jam – holding it down here in the Midwest.” – Dave G.

“That is above and beyond the call of duty! You have earned my future business – but more importantly the story of your top shelf customer service will be told to many.” – Dirk F.

“These are so comfortable, haven’t taken the Bracken Brown Huaraches off my feet since they got here. You can no doubt count on me to spread the word about SeaVees. You know this means I definitely want those bucks now…ha. Thanks again. This was awesome.” – Aaron B.

“You guys are the best! Thanks a bunch. This is definitely not my last pair of SeaVees” – Michael B.

“ It really means more than you know to me be treated as an individual by a company these days and to know that you’re listening to what we (random customers at large) have to say. To be honest I was fully expecting some kind of ‘Thank you for your inquiry. For more details see us at response. Please don’t ever change when you eventually take over the sneaker world!” – Peter D.

“I love everything about what you are building. Such a great brand!” – Will P.

“I just wanted to tell someone there that this pair of shoes are amazing. In 1 year they have trekked all over the world. 4 trips to Cancun, Israel, Jordan, Italy, London, Burundi Africa, and Kenya on Safari. I bought them at a store in Bryon, Texas. Live in Charleston, SC. Everyone comments on them and a number have ordered them. I’m going to want a new pair soon but will never part with this pair. They are now “old friends”. – Judy S.