Santa Barbara Dodgers 1964 Ballcap - Dodger Blue

Santa Barbara Dodgers 1964 Ballcap


Santa Barbara Dodgers 1964 Ballcap Wool Specs

Presenting the Santa Barbara Dodgers Ballcap circa 1964 made exclusively for SeaVees by our friends at Ebbets Field Flannels. An authentic reproduction of the original style, the ballcap features Dodger Blue wool flannel, interlocking SB felt lettering, horse hair buckram crown and satin taping. An adjustable leather strap back allows for one-size-fits-all. Made in the USA.  Limited quantities available. 


The Santa Barbara Dodgers were a minor league baseball team in the California League, established in 1964 - the same year as SeaVees. The team's Santa Barbara stint was short - they relocated to Bakersfield after the 1967 season. We were intrigued by the related origins of the Dodgers and SeaVees - and honestly had been looking for a good excuse to work with the folks at Ebbets Field Flannels for some time. For over 25 years, Ebbets has been the go-to source in researching and creating historical accurate, 100% authentic ballcaps.

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