Classic Pomade - Classic

Classic Pomade


Color: Classic

Classic Pomade Specs

Give your hair the royal treatment with our favorite waxed-based Classic Pomade. Lightweight, slick and smooth, it's made from high quality natural ingredients that will hold your hair's shape for hours without drying it out. Packaged in a beautiful 2.5 oz. can, remember that a little bit goes a long way. Simply scoop out your desired amount of product, massage between the palms and slick through towel dry hair. Style with class. Made in California where sun, salt and sand make for some of the world's best hair. 


The Slick Classic Pomade is crafted in California by our friends (aka "the flock") at Byrd Hairdo Products. Designed for the Gentleman Surfer, Byrd takes you back to the time when grooming was an essential part of a man's daily routine (think the Ducktail, the Pompadour and the Quiff). Inspired by 1960s surf culture, the first batch of Byrd's original formula was created just steps from the iconic surf break at Echo Beach where sun, salt and sand make for some of the world's best hair. This will quickly become your new best friend - your modern day pomade.

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