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Whether you're the well-worn type or the pristine spotless type, it's always good to have the option. This Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner will clean up and care for your SeaVees, no matter the material. The formula is made from all natural ingredients such as coconut and jojoba oils, gentle enough for leathers and suedes and strong enough for our exclusive twills and linens. Made in California, the Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner will keep your SeaVees just how you like 'em.


We go to great lengths to deliver a shoe as close to perfect as possible. But once they leave us, it’s on you. While some like their SeaVees to look a little rough around the edges, we hear from a great many that favor the less traveled look. We tried some of the best shoe cleaning products on the market and settled on these that just happen to be made down south in Corona, California.

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Please note we suggest wearing SeaVees with a thin sock for the best fit.