2020 SeaChange by SeaVees Launch

2020 SeaChange by SeaVees Launch
SeaChange Sustainable Sneaker Collection

Product Launch

SeaChange by SeaVees.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we want to highlight our partners and the work that they do. If you are able and would like to donate to our SeaChange partner, SeaTrees, please click here.

Introducing the SeaChange Collection, our first almost entirely recycled sneaker collection created in partnership with SeaTrees.

At SeaVees, we are a brand dedicated to our planet. In fact, fighting for our planet’s future is at the forefront of what we do (which might not be entirely shocking if you’ve ever seen the way we get down on Earth Day). As 1% for the Planet members, we put our money where our mouth is and regularly test our ability to show up for our planet, donating 1% or more of our proceeds to environmentally friendly causes each year.

While we boast a casual attitude, our responsibility to the planet is anything but. Finding a way to create a more sustainable sneaker that still has the quality, comfort, and durability you expect from SeaVees has been an ongoing challenge we’ve been determined to conquer.

"The SeaChange Collection was consciously crafted in response to the recognition of our responsibility to help reduce the environmental impact of an industry we realize is not known for being sustainable."

red, green, white sustainable sneaker

While a collection like this is long overdue, we didn’t want to just craft a sustainable sneaker for the sake of saying we’ve got one. It’s an iteration of our classic CVO lace up sneaker that started it all and we took our time to make sure the collection was made of sustainable materials that we are proud of and that stand up to our quality standards without fail.

The materials were consciously sourced and tested in an effort to ensure the resulting sneaker was made to withstand the test of time and prove itself a SeaVees-quality shoe. Almost everyone in the office owns a pair and because we put our SeaVees through the ringer like no one else, we can all attest that these are more than up to par with the rest of the collection. In fact, some feedback from the guys and gals here at the office is that this shoe’s comfort level rivals that of the standard Legend! Here are some of the elements that go into making SeaChange a comfortable and stylish sustainably-made sneaker collection:

Sustainable Sneaker Materials

FUN FACT: The recycled rubber outsole on our SeaChange collection has been affectionately dubbed a “funfetti” outsole by Jackson, SeaVees’ Customer Service Manager, due to all of the visible plastic bits.

However, our SeaChange initiative doesn’t stop at the product itself - the sea is in our name and we are dedicated to protecting it. That is why we have collaborated with SeaTrees on this shoe and as a partner throughout 2020. SeaTrees is a project of the global non-profit, Sustainable Surf, working to regenerate coastal ecosystems, increase biodiversity and create jobs in sustainable communities. For every pair of SeaChange sold, we are able to work with SeaTrees to regenerate one foot of carbon sequestering kelp forest.

Mens Sustainable Sneaker Collection

While we are incredibly proud of our first ever sustainable sneaker collection, we know we have a long ways to go before we can truly call ourselves or the sneaker industry sustainable. Our goal is to build upon SeaChange year after year, so that we might preserve the California dream for generations to come.

More About SeaTrees
A project of the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf, SeaTrees works to regenerate coastal ecosystems, increase biodiversity and create jobs in sustainable communities. Learn More »

More About 1% For The Planet
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