We all have dreams.

They begin as a ripple on the surface, build and swell with the tides, come crashing down or even fade away.

Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re too young, too old, or just not good enough to pursue them. And that’s when they end up on a shelf.

Our brand was quite literally put on a shelf for nearly 40 years before our founder discovered a pair at a secondhand shop in Tokyo. The brand was brought back to life and across the Pacific to its original home in California—the state where dreams come true, or in our case, have a second chance.

We believe there’s a sea of possibilities. In rediscovering who we are and what we can be.

SeaVees®. Rediscover the dream.

  • People

    We’re a committed crew of underdogs who care a lot and dream big. We give back a portion of our profits to organizations that support the environment, mental health, human rights, and social justice for all.

  • Planet

    The “Sea” is in SeaVees® because we’re committed to protecting it. We regularly partner with organizations working to restore ocean ecosystems and our coasts.

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  • 1% For the planet

    Since 2016, we’ve been dedicated members of 1% For The Planet, donating one percent of our revenue to environmental causes.

  • Seatrees

    Since 2020, we’ve supported SeaTrees, an organization dedicated to restoring kelp forests that have the power to reverse climate change.

  • Mental Wellness center

    We commit to fighting the stigma, providing support, educating, and advocating for policies that support mental health in our communities.

  • Un mar de colores

    Un Mar De Colores is an organization that works to bridge the socio-economic gap in surfing for future generations of historically marginalized youth.

  • Keep A Breast foundation

    Our support of Keep a Breast is helping their mission to reduce breast cancer risk and its impact globally through art, education, prevention, and action.

  • Pacific pride foundation

    Since 2019 we've been supporting PPF and their efforts to create a thriving and visible LGBTQ+ community and to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS.

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Our Difference

Our shoes are consciously crafted in small batches to control quality and consistency using a time-honored footwear construction called vulcanization. To put it plainly, our shoes are “baked” with all of this goodness.

  • More bounce, longer wear

    Natural rubber gives our shoes a soft step, flexibility and durability.

  • Cool Comfort

    Our exclusive memory foam footbed with perforations and airflow channels makes our shoes the most comfortable sneakers you’ll ever wear.

  • High Standards

    We are committed to strict ethical standards in the factories we work with–providing safe and hygienic working conditions and a zero-tolerance policy on child labor.

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  • Waste Not

    We put waste to work with materials like vegan corn leather and pineapple yarn (natural fibers made from food production waste).

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    We’ve incorporated recycled materials into every shoe we make. All of our shoes have recycled cotton or recycled polyester laces and recycled cotton linings. And many have outsoles made with recycled rubber repurposed from things like tires and rubber gloves.

  • Better Leather

    We purchase 100% of our leather from Leather Working Group-certified suppliers. The LWG promotes responsible environmental practices across the leather supply chain.

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Our Story


2022: Launched our first collection of shoes made with materials derived from natural waste streams with corn leather and pineapple yarn.

2021: Opened the 'Lido Lodge', our second retail store in Newport Beach, CA—a reclaimed 1940s-era cottage anchored in the historic Lido Marina.

2020: Launched our first collection of shoes made with recycled materials. Started selling our first signature socks, apparel, and hats.


2019: Opened our first SeaVees flagship store in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone.

2016: Joined 1% For The Planet, donating one percent
of our revenue to environmental causes.


2008: First SeaVees website is launched with a small selection
of products.

2005: A vintage SeaVees sneaker is rediscovered in a Tokyo second-hand shop by founder and CEO Steven Tiller, who was then a shoe designer and entrepreneur.

1970 - 2005

1971: Converse is forced to close SeaVees in response to a US Department of Justice complaint for having a monopoly on the American sneaker market. Our brand went to sleep, only to wake up nearly 40 years later.


1964: Sneakers as the everyday staple we know today, did not exist. They were either gym shoes or kids shoes. That year, BF Goodrich decided to launch SeaVees as the start of a complete rethinking of casual footwear. With a groundbreaking advertising campaign in some of the most widely read publications of the day, SeaVees was positioned as "the new way to go casual". A shoe with all the comfort of a sneaker but the sophistication of a dress shoe—ideal for any occasion.

Our Founder

“I’ve always been a little restless. I was close to my 40th birthday and while I had a great career, I knew I was meant for something more meaningful.

I wanted to start my own shoe company and do things the right way—treat people the way I want to be treated and design shoes I want to wear. I didn’t know how it would work, or if it even would, but I knew I had to try. I think it takes a bit of dumb luck and blind faith for dreams to come true, and I guess I had enough of both."

"We’re not just here to sell shoes. We want to inspire people to follow their dreams. It's our whole reason for doing this.”