SeaVees x Cecile Gariepy Hawthorne Slip On

SeaVees x Cecile Gariepy Hawthorne Slip On

Cecile Gariepy Hawthorne Slip On

We can’t believe we’re saying this’s October! Time flies when you’re social distancing.

This October, we wanted to do something special to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the individuals who bravely fight this disease each day. With this in mind, we set out to create a limited edition sneaker representative of these amazing individuals and thus, the limited edition SeaVees Breast Cancer Awareness Slip-On was born.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Slip On was created in collaboration with Montreal artist Cecile Gariepy, and in support of the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

We sought out to create a hopeful, optimistic print geared towards empowerment rather than the shame that can often surround this disease.

When asked about the print-making process, our partner artist and illustrator, Cecile Gariepy, said it best: “I didn't beat around the bush. We have to talk about breasts, so let's show breasts! I tried to represent a variety of them, to give the possibility to identify with them.”

The result? Essentially, breasts depicted in an abstract, tonal pattern that is, at once, both daring and understated. The pink, peach, and purple toned pattern, printed on poplin twill and our popular Hawthorne Slip On silhouette, is reminiscent of that optimism and inclusive of all in it’s design. Though the shoe is designed to be unisex, it comes in both mens and women’s sizes.

The shoe itself is beautiful but what’s more important is that the purchase of one of these limited edition slip-ons has a direct and positive impact on breast cancer research. 10% of proceeds for each shoe purchased will be donated to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation and help fund their initiative to challenge the status quo to end breast cancer and improve the lives of people impacted by it through education and advocacy.

Ending the stigma around breast cancer through meaningful artwork and initiatives and supporting the organizations that work everyday towards a solution for this terrible disease is important to us. Our hope is that this limited edition collaboration champions the survivors, empowers the fighters and honors those lost to Breast Cancer.

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