Cleaning Your SeaVees.

Cleaning Your SeaVees.

We go to great lengths to deliver a shoe as close to perfect as possible. But once they leave us, it’s on you. While some like their sneakers to look a little rough around the edges, we hear from a great many that favor the less-traveled look. Here are some tips on how to keep your SeaVees cleaner for longer.

PROTECT: Protect your sneakers against water, dirt and stains to keep them looking spotless with our Shoe Protector. Before you begin, make sure the shoe you are protecting has a clean, dry surface. Hold the container 6 inches from the surface of the shoe and spray in a back and forth motion. Try to spray thoroughly and evenly including all seams. For best results, allow to dry for 24 hours. Use more frequently in rainy weather.

CLEAN: For sidewalls, we carry "Clean It Up" wipes, which do a great job removing dust, dirt, and enhancing shine to your sidewalls. A magic eraser or towel with some dish soap can also get the job done!

Stains on your SeaVees? We have found that our linen, twill, and canvas sneakers can be easily cleaned with a stain removal pen. After a few applications, our team has removed stains such as hot sauce and coffee. You may also concoct a paste using stain removal powder and water. Gently apply the paste with an old sock, rag or towel to try and remove the stain.

We are still working on other delicate materials such as suede, leather and satin and suggest you consult a local cobbler or shoe repair store before attempting to *clean your SeaVees.


*We do not recommend machine washing your SeaVees. Exposing your SeaVees to water could alter the look of the material. If you choose to do so please note that it is at your own risk.

*Shoes that have been washed are no longer covered under our warranty.

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