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George Burton // SeaVees Selects
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SeaVees Selects

A Playlist by George Burton

We started SeaVees Selects as a way for our team to connect, share music, art, literature, etc. amongst ourselves and with our customers, during a time where creative inspiration has been hard to find.

That's why we were so excited when our good friend, jazz innovator, and casual type, George Burton, reached out to create a playlist for us. It felt like the perfect opportunity for our first guest curator to take the reigns, and open us all up to some incredible music we've never heard before. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

About the Artist

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For more than a decade, artist George Burton has been on the radar of everyone who keeps up with innovations in jazz.

"What’s caught the music community’s attention most about Burton’s commanding writing and performance style is the notable presence of eclectic and need-to-hear mix of musical influences."

A running theme of “Reciprocity,” the album title of Burton’s most recent release, reflects the natural mutually beneficial practice of creative exchanges, the latest of which is this collaborative playlist series. Pretty cool, huh?

About The Playlist:

Burton’s 2-hour playlist, much like his music, is an engaging experience that pulls from a wide range of inspiration from peers Gregory Porter and Christian Scott, with their enlightened sound, to unapologetic female leaders like Fiona Apple, Phoebe Bridgers, and Laura Mvula, who captivate the listener in rawness and truth with their powerful writing. Burton is a natural curator of under-discovered music and always takes the listener on a journey. We think it’s the perfect compliment to the cool and casual vibe we embody here at SeaVees.

So what can you expect on a groovy, jazz-influenced playlist?

Not unlike a live George Burton performance, this personally crafted playlist brings listeners into the artist's world, with Burton’s ability to lock the listener into a sonic experience you can’t be anything but present for—a unifying place worth a second listen and more likely a share, because that real and uplifting vibe is what George Burton is about—and now alongside the SeaVees Crew, the listener is in for the ultimate cool hang.

Below is a playlist of songs handpicked by George, as well as a description of what each song meant to him during the curation process.

Overcome - Laura Mvula
Overcome gives the feeling over perseverance, that we can overcome anything presented to us— the spirit that there’s nothing we cannot handle.
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Revival - Gregory Porter
Revival is about that moment of light that puts us back on the path of enlightenment and positivity when times get dark.
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Wayfaring Traveler - Keyon Harold
Wayfaring Traveler helps us see the truth of who we are while having the courage to push forward, it’s facing and understanding the realness of oneself.
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Garden Song - Phoebe Bridgers
Garden Song features the lyric “growing roses in a flatbed..” Which refers to the hardy plant with its extreme residences that once planted comes back every year bigger and stronger while also always protecting itself.
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Under the Table - Fiona Apple
Under the Table is an powerful testament to the raw energy that we all have inside of us—the release we need, written by one of the most consummate artists of modern day, one of her own fruition.
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Twin - Christian Scott
Twin takes all the influences a jazz musician has heard and places them in a box, stirs it around and results in a mix of modern and cultural heritage.
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Dadada - Makaya McCraven
Dadada allow us to open up our thinking, we all need a little free thought sometimes—a place where we aren’t constrained to the words that are given to us, but rather a place where our minds are encouraged to wonder.
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Paul - Big Theif
Paul reminds us that sometimes we all need to step into that role that fulfills a bigger and better purpose.
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Give Me a Little Love - Mina Tindle
Give a Little Love is what we all need to do more of in this world, especially to get a little love back.
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Phenomenal Woman - Laura Mvula
Phenomenal Woman honors women by reminding us that all women in this world are influential. Womens’ strength has shaped humanity and every important decision that’s been made throughout history.
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From This Place- Pat Metheny (feat. Meshell Ndegecello)
“From this place I cannot see” is the opening line of this song is pure beauty, the understanding of not being able to see everything for what it is—the idea that we need many vantage points to see the whole picture, in that reciprocity is needed.
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Finding - George Burton
Finding is the idea of “older and never wiser” in that we are all always learning about ourselves and often seem to make the same mistakes only to get better every time in not repeating them.
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We're so excited that George was able to lend his time for this pretty rad collab! Check out George x SeaVees Playlist now and come groove with us.

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