Introducing SeaVees Wishbones

Introducing SeaVees Wishbones

June 8th 2021. Santa Barbara, CA.

We’ve longed to make flip flops for years but were hesitant, waiting until we felt that we could bring something special to the category. In researching the flip flop, we learned they originated in Japan so we decided to go to the source. That led us to meeting our manufacturing partners – Tsukumo – one of the original and last remaining flip flop factories in Japan.

We admit we're a little biased, but some of life’s great discoveries come from Japan (read how SeaVees founder Steven Tiller's life forever changed after he first laid eyes on a vintage pair of SeaVees in Japan here).

Tsukumo combines time-honored design, quality materials and thoughtful details with a strict focus on quality and color. Their manufacturing methods haven’t changed much since their 1950’s origins and neither have their design details.

The classic “wishbone” strap made of natural rubber provides extra comfort while the sloped sole allows for an easier ride and extra support at the heel. The classic strap texture or “Ropponsen” is inspired by braided rope details from vintage Japanese sandals. We hope you give our Wishbones a try and appreciate the subtle details that make them so special just as much as we do.

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