Legend Pride

Back in January 2020, the SeaVees Crew sat in a small room, above a ranch, just north of Santa Barbara and talked about what made a SeaVees, a SeaVees. Super comfortable? Definitely. Good quality? For sure. But above all else, we discussed our dedication to creating something simple, something enduring, and something that allows each individual to express themselves using our shoes as a foundation. In short, we realized that at our core, we are the most excited to make casual sneakers that help you feel more like you. One of our favorite opportunities to explore this intention is the work we do in celebration of Pride Month each year.

When we met to discuss this year’s Pride Collection, it was just after the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the inspiration behind Pride Month. As we began to really dig into the history, we realized how much we still had to learn about the LGBTQ+ community. The conversation quickly became how best to honor the history of the movement and community while supporting its future.

Enter the Legend Pride – SeaVees first ever gender-neutral Pride Sneaker. Though sized Men’s and Women’s, the shoe is designed to be a unisex sneaker and wearers are encouraged to buy what makes the most sense for them!

“$5 from every purchase from our Pride Collection goes directly to the Pacific Pride Foundation.”

With tricolor foxing, and a rainbow outsole, the Legend Pride is aesthetically different than any shoe we’ve ever made. After much research, we were drawn to a more retro color palette that would not only honor the classic rainbow symbol of the Pride movement, but our own heritage as well. So while it may not be your classic rainbow shoe, we think the pop of color on an otherwise white sneaker, is a fresh take on an honored classic.

In light of what’s currently developing across our nation, we are lucky to be able to stand with these amazing humans and will continue to fight next to them as partners, allies, advocates, and friends. We believe in a world where everyone can live freely, confidently, and little more themselves than they were the day before.

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