SeaVees Introduces More Sustainable Packaging

Introducing our brand new, more sustainable packaging featuring a 40% reduction in overall paper usage.
SeaVees Introduces More Sustainable Packaging


New Year, New Sustainable Box

March 1st 2021. Santa Barbara, CA.

It’s finally here! Introducing our brand new, more sustainable packing.

Have you ever ordered something and wondered, “Why do they have to send this small box inside a much bigger box?” Well, so have we. So, two years ago we sought out to tackle a solution to something we like to call “the box within the box” problem. We wanted to get it right. We wanted to make a box that delivered the product safely and created less waste along the way.

"[We're] cutting down our overall paper usage by 40%."

Starting now, all new styles will ship in this Ship In Own Container (SIOC) shoe box, cutting down our overall paper usage by 40%. We are committed to challenging industry-accepted practices and we are excited to implement better systems like this one. On top of being SIOC, this box has a number of sustainable features that help reduce its overall environmental impact. Here are a few worth noting:

No Glue
With foldable edges, our new box design eliminates the need for glue adhesives which are derived from plastic and non-biodegradable materials like polyurethane, EVA, and polyolefin.

Soy-based Ink
Our ink is made from soybean oil that’s been mixed with other environementally-friendly compounds such as natural resins and waxes. Soy-based ink is a healthier option than petroleum-based inks, which tend to contain high amounts of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material
Our new box has been re-constructed out of used paper products, diverting paper waste from landfills and instead, returning it to the paper manufacturing life cycle.

Water-activated Shipping Tape
We opted for water-activated tape over plastic tape because it doesn’t affect the boxes ability to be recycled/biodegraded.

Please note that while our new Spring and Summer styles include the new box, some of our shoes, including our Men’s Classics Collection and Women’s Classics Collection might ship in an old box for now while we make the transition. We are so excited for you to check out our shoes’ new digs!

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