Bolinas Boot Field Report #2 With Anna Gudauskas

Bolinas Boot Field Report #2 With Anna Gudauskas

Surfer and founder of sustainable surf brand Sagebrush, Anna (@annagudauskas on Instagram) took the Bolinas boot to Iceland to see how they hold up to a serious adventure. We sat down to ask her about her recent trip, her outlook on life and what she thought of her new boots.

Can you tell us about your most recent adventure?

I just got back from ten days of surfing in Iceland. A trip planned around meeting up with some friends and also timing a hurricane swell. The swell we'd been watching ended up coming with too much wind to surf, so we hid for cover on the north side of the island, which happened to be hit by the first north swell of the year. We got a handful of really perfect glassy days at the point breaks and took in all the beauty that exists everywhere you look in Iceland. Staying in cabins and picking wild blueberries felt like an absolute dream.

Aside from surfing and traveling the globe, you’re a maker and founded Sagebrush Bags. Can you share how you took the wild idea of starting the business to bringing it to life?

Nearly a decade ago, I got a new board and went out to buy a board bag for it. I couldn't find anything sustainable, locally made or cute, so I put my old sewing machine to use and made one for myself. Friends started ordering my designs which I was making from thrifted fabric, then the surf shop where I was an employee started selling them! That support really showed me that there was space in the market for me so I built a website, started selling in other surf shops and doing local craft fairs. Sagebrush has grown a lot since then to make other surf products, but we've held strong to sustainable values.

One of our brand mottos is “Keep it Casual”. What does “Keep it Casual” mean to you in your own life?

"Keep it casual" translates to so many aspects of my life from enjoying the little things to not letting the fear of imperfection keep me from trying.

What is it about the Offshore boot that serves your day to day needs? Are there any other SeaVees styles that have become part of your regular rotation?

I love the Offshore boot as a style that works from day to night and withstands my more hands-on work and also travel. I'm also loving the Solana Sandals for warmer days.

How do you stay inspired?

Changing it up! New hobbies, sports and routines. Learning something new is always engaging and inspiring for me.

Do you have any plans or projects that you are looking forward to in the future?

I'm really hoping to plan some more trips in the next year. As borders begin to open, I'd love to surf in Norway which actually has coastlines and great waves within the Arctic Circle.

What’s one piece of advice, encouragement, or challenge you’d love to leave our readers with?

The two pieces of advice I try to abide by are: "how you spend your days is, of course, how you spend your life" and "everyone is going through something". Reminders to treat others with compassion and patience, and also to have the respect for ourselves to find the things we love and pursue them.

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