Casual Types

Emily Luchetti

Emily is a reknowned pastry chef and a part of the dynamic Big Night Restaurant Group. She has appeared on numerous TV shows and serves as a Dean at The International Culinary Center in New York and California.

Local To: Sausalito, California 

Day Job: Chief Pastry Officer

Standard Drink: Non alcoholic: sparkling water. Alcoholic: Chef Pink- (glass of rose with big ice cube) created by Jenn Puccio executive chef at Big Night Restaurants in SF

What do you want to be when you grow up: TV weather reporter

What Poster was on your wall when you were a kid Didn’t have one.

How Do You show up in Seavees? Both slip ons and lace ups! Depends on my mood.

Socks or No Socks? No socks

How do you keep it casual? Casual is not just how I dress but a state of mind. I attempt to be casual in my intent. It lets me be more grounded and as a result more purposeful.

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