Gaviota Coast Conservancy.

Since joining 1% For The Planet and pledging to give 1% of our net sales to environmental causes, we’ve been searching for a worthy partner that speaks to who we are as a brand. A passion for the coast is an inherent trait of SeaVees, and The Gaviota Coast Conservancy naturally aligns with our desire to preserve it. We’re excited to join them in their efforts to protect the environmental integrity of the place we call home. To better understand the history of our coastline and the threats of development it continues to face, all of us at SeaVees went on a hike along the bluffs of nearby Naples, led by our friends at the GCC. We left enamored by the charm of the Gaviota Coast and extremely proud to support the cause that has worked tirelessly for the last 20 years to protect our undeveloped coastal wilderness.

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