Bolinas Boot Field Report #1 With Trevor & Maddie Gordon

The Gordons, who are photographers and writers, have been been extensively testing the Bolinas boot while living aboard their 36ft sailboat.
Bolinas Boot Field Report #1 With Trevor & Maddie Gordon

The Gordons (@tearevor on instagram), who are photographers and writers, tested the Bolinas Boot extensively, while living aboard their 36ft sailboat..

Can you share with us what a typical day on the boat looks for you?

Living on a sailboat, and the day to day that goes with that, changes immensely depending on where you are in the boat. If we are out sailing, trying to make a destination, life is spent tending to the boat, trimming the sails, navigating, planning meals, beautiful monotony. At anchor at the islands offshore santa barbara, days are spent watching the sunrise and sunset, fishing, obsessing over little things like identifying a seaweed or fish. At the slip in Santa Barbara its much like any other house, still, quiet, comfortable. Everchanging is the boat life.

What are some favorite rituals?

Maddie is from England. So we must have English breakfast tea. I grew up with a family ritual of spending 2 weeks aboard our family boat cruising the channel islands up and down from Santa Barbara to Catalina island. The same two weeks every year no matter the conditions.

Favorite meal to cook while living on the water?

Anything with fresh fish. Beer batter fish n chips fried in beef fat. Talo. If we catch some yellowtail we try and go all out making an array of sushis.

Weirdest thing you’ve eaten while out at sea adventuring?

A seaweed selection. We were in a crystal clear cove on Santa Cruz Island, that was loaded with different types of seaweeds. We made a sampler platter and identified them all. One being "dead mans fingers" Too irony... soggy...

Where did your passion for all-things-water come from and how did you get into seafaring?

I think from just growing up in and amongst it. I think seeing my parents cherish our trips on the boat. Happiest of times for me. Its just always felt right. Nowadays I see the potential that the ocean brings. From a way of life to a way to travel the world.

What was the journey like of taking the wild idea of moving onto a boat and making that a real thing?

For us it wasn't all that difficult. The hardest part was saying goodbye to things like decorations, art and furniture. Getting rid of clothes is easy. No hot shower on the boat was hard though, that can get old when it's chilly out. but for the most part it was pretty seamless. Before living on the boat we lived in small one room studios and spent lots of time on the road living out of a truck.

One of our brand mottos is “Keep it Casual”. What does “Keep it Casual” mean to you in your own life?

Casual to me can mean function or funcional. Things that are overtly functional and simplistic are the most beautiful things.

What is it about the Offshore boot that serves your day to day needs on the boat?

To be able to slip a shoe off and on is great for a boat and you're constantly getting splashed and are perpetually damp. A boot that is soft wearing, simple and keeps you dry is ideal.

How do you stay inspired?

I think about all of the fun times ahead with the people I love. I think about the destinations to be seen and journeys getting there.

Do you have any plans or projects that you are looking forward to in the future?

Yes! We just bought a new sailboat. An Outremer 45' Catamaran and it's in Spain. Its a whole new beast from our first boat Brisa. Its fast and stable and designed for world cruising. I have spent the summer doing a full overhaul of the boat and come December we will sail across the Atlantic en route back to California.

What’s one piece of advice, encouragement, or challenge you’d love to leave our readers with?

Think critically. Be pragmatic and brave. Analyze things intently and think things through. But at the same time be outrageous and dream big.

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