What Is a Lug Sole Shoe?

What Is a Lug Sole Shoe?

Blending utility and style, the lug outsole was originally developed for mountaineering in 1937 to handle challenging terrain by providing increased traction and insulation. Today, it’s an iconic streetwear style that’s loved for its rugged look and edgy elevation. You’ll find this ready-for-anything outsole on some of our best-selling women's sneakers and boots, including our La Brea Lug High Top and Melrose Lug Platform. 


So, what are lugs on shoes? You can easily spot lug soles by their chunky tread and wide channels that set them apart from traditional rubber outsoles with a smoother, flatter finish. Lug soles are embraced across footwear categories, from hiking and work boots to everyday sneakers. At SeaVees, we add a lug sole made with natural rubber (and often recycled rubber) onto some of our slip on boots and platform sneakers when we want to turn up the style and grip. 


Top Benefits of a Lug Sole 

Extra Grip: A major bonus of wearing a lug sole is increased stability and traction. Because of the deep grooves that can hold onto uneven surfaces, lug soles are ideal if you spend a lot of time outdoors and need shoes that work across the seasons.  

Longevity: When you see a lug outsole, you know those shoes are made to last. A chunky rubber outsole can increase the durability and lifespan of a pair of shoes, which is especially important for our friends who log many miles walking on city sidewalks.  

Elevation: Providing a little bit of lift and a whole lot of attitude, pulling on a pair of lug-soled sneakers is a simple way to elevate any outfit, any season—from Spring dresses to Fall layering. The added height adds an extra layer of insulation from wet and cold surfaces. 


Find the Right Lug Shoe for You 

If you’re looking for an outdoorsy everyday boot that can handle varying terrain, look no further than our Ballard Boot. Featuring rugged workwear leather uppers and a durable lug outsole, these boots are ready for adventure. If you’re looking for a timelessly sophisticated sneaker that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, then check out our La Brea Lug High Top and Melrose Lug Platform. For more lug platform styles, explore the Elevate Collection to find the perfect pair for your lifestyle. 

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